Congressional Senate Record March 2,2000 Mrs. Feinstein to President It’s clear our public school systems are not working .. our own Senators denouncing our Educational System “Employers suggesting we raise the H1-B Visa Quota”  Selling out Americans

The United States of America is home to a mosaic of cultures, but there is one thing that binds us all it’s our Constitution and the idea that we are called Americans.  Furthermore it is our Sovereignty as a nation of laws, borders that makes our country beautiful unique but also a land of hardship and not without it’s problems.   Our people our land and our way of life is being chipped away because of corrupt politicians who have allowed our Sovereignty to be infiltrated and swayed by corporations, and UN-American Elements.

American Info Now is a blog dedicated to our way of life here in America.  If you are an American, you should stand and believe in the Constitution of the United States.   Early Americans fought for our freedom and independence, and we have a social responsibility to maintain the right to be free.  The United States of America is country and should be respected not convoluted with ideas of socialism,  ideas that our nation will tolerate radical rhetoric or ideas that we are an open border society.   Our Country is great, and any other idea that is not assimilating to our way of life should be considered extreme and should be removed from our American way of life.  “In God We Trust”

Readers will see opinions and ideas and may not agree with them, and let’s make it entirely clear.  Left wing extremists and Democrats may find this blog offending …if this blog offends you go find your safe place or seek life elsewhere.  Some may consider this blog Racist, and if being a patriot of the United States of American and believing in Americans first makes me racist then I am proud to be labeled a racist and an infidel. I believe in the freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment, and States should hold power to govern their own Sates.  Redistribution of wealth and disguising it as healthcare is a direct violation of any American’s right.   I think politicians should be held to a higher level responsibility and answer to the American People.  They are not above the law below the law and should be ready to answer for their actions.

Senators should not receive a pension, and the President of the United States should not take advantage of the Executive Office and abuse Executive Orders.  Congress should hold the President, and Legislative branches accountable for their actions.  Furthermore, the Military Veterans should be taken care of not left behind.

Last but not least, every American should have first come first serve to our Educational System before anyone else in this country. Illegal Immigrants should be deported if they did not enter this country through the legal process of obtaining a Visa.

Our Country, our people, are the best people in the world if you were born into this great nation through legal Citizens or raise your right hand you are American.  It does not matter what color, sex or race you are.  American Info now will discuss these ideas and spark arguments and raise questions.

God Bless All Americans

The American