Americans Need To Decide

So, i got up this morning Grabbed my only cup of coffee…sat down and turned on the Television and #NBC shows a  pharma commercial for  the Shingles virus…the Drug is called #Zostavax .   Now stay with me because this is important.   There is evidence the following chemicals exist in the air we breath; barium, aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide. are directly  related  to to the increased cases of the Shingles Virus.  For those that do not understand what the Shingles Virus  looks like,  have a look at image-A

Bi product of UN Climate Control Initiative its a very very painful skin virus (described as enduring about 1000 scorpion​ bites) .  More than 200,000 US cases per year and rising.  Last but not least,  the chemicals mentioned above are being sprayed into our atmosphere…. Under a United Nations effort to  protect us from  climate change and is referred to as  Geo-reengineering.  Furthermore, according to the UN it’s for the greater good of humanity,  speculating why @DonaldTrump is thinking about backing out of the #UN on climate change.  Unfortunately, by the evidence presented across numerous reports  shows direct correlation between geo-reengineering and the increases in the following complications.

     ” Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues,           reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more.”

A person that walks around with blinders on may dispute these claims but someone who is cognizant to their surroundings does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on, or be slicker then a six year old to realize something is wrong.  Figuratively speaking all one has to do is look up in the sky to see Geo-reengineering.  No the criss crosses in the sky are not war planes running mock dog fights…  The residue left behind are not clouds or condensation it’s a deadly vapor the lingers, expands.  If you want to test my theory on this just place a web cam toward the sky let it run….walk away come back and view it.  Those criss crosses  in the sky are not war planes fighting it out.  Take  a look at the difference of the trails I am talking about and the 

UN is using chemtrails to reduce populous
Image A

There is a distinctive difference between them
Chem trail vs. Condensation Trails
difference between spray trails.   All this for the greater good of humanity, I think not!

Meanwhile, the US Security Agencies are now saying climate change is the cause of global displacement, unemployment, mass immigration, all set under the umbrella of global conflict.  When in fact the Governments around the world are responsible for inducing climate change and producing global conflict.   iSIS is is using these things to their advantage..controlling things like water, medications and food.  

It is very unfortunate that many small under developed countries and their people are falling victims to this Global initiative.  Meanwhile back on US soil the  medical industry and their brothers in the pharma industry are making out hand over fist!  More so,  the FDA our sole called guardians is doing nothing to suggest they are working in our best interest, which could be the furthest from the truth.    The Uprogram  seems to to reduce population, increase the profits for medical  companies and Insurance companies or is this just paranoid conjecture?  This program once called chemtrails was considered a conspiracy theory now it’s real because the. UN can no longer hide it.  When the public sees photos like B and C.  If this doesn’t strike natural curiosity what will? What will it take for you open your eyes…more and more families with with genetically sound DNA and backgrounds devoid of cancers are starting to see rising cases.  Is it really for the greater good of humanity or is a way to thin out the human populous
You decide!

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