Stop with Stink!

As the inauguration is just days away, the leftist groups such as BLM are still at it. The amount of left media squawk is deafening, and it’s understandable why the feeble minded few voted for Hillary. Notice I said few! They actually believe what they read, which is about an eighth of the truth. What other common sense could there be? Anyone with half a brain and curiosity can figure out that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a huge con, corrupt and just overall bad for any American. There are only two reasons you voted for Hillary Clinton… and you know what they are! Take the time and review the Benghazi hearings, read Wikileaks, or examine the evidence, it confirms the lying and cheating antics of the Clinton s and the media.

Is there no shame in what they continue to do? Yet the brainwashed leftist actually believe Hillary won the popular vote. This is how easily they are influenced. CNN had Hillary winning before the election even started and the nonsense CNN reported was just garbage, with no facts backing it up. That alone is a dead giveaway that something is seriously wrong with CNN and the reporting in this country. If you voted for Hillary you basically just told everyone in the United States, you could give two squats about the US! You’re either unemployed or believe everything should be handed to you. Of course, you also believe in Open Borders, illegal immigrants, selling our assets to foreign entities and that we as a sovereign nation should be under the command of the Globalists, and depend on China! Last, but not least instead of cleaning up our inner cities you believe in oppression and embrace Urban Plantations. Furthermore, the left is either brain dead or can’t read “Right, Amy Schumer”? Or could it be they only read squawk on social media which explains why they voted for Hillary!

Another squawk box out there is Hollywood. Has the left forgotten they are actors and actresses and that hypocrites like Meryl Streep really support Hillary! Toby Keith just recently said that he as a celebrity he doesn’t support one or the other and that performing is his business. So, I can’t help but ponder if this goes with every celebrity including Amy Schumer. There’s only one difference between Amy Schumer and the rest of the Hollywood types… Amy is a comedian and if you know anything about comedians you know that they actually feel and believe what they say.

Just recently, she decided to bad mouth the fine folks of Florida, citing that the people who voted for Donald J Trump can’t read. What cracks me up is Florida backs Trump, you think that she would have clued into that little piece of information before spouting such an ignorant rhetoric. That kind of stupid squawk will get you the same demise as Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks… I guess in my last post titled “Hey Hollywood” didn’t resonate with her. She threatened to leave the US. “Go for it, baby!” You’re the next poster girl for the next pancake television spot. Please stop putting on bathing suits. You’re scaring people! You’re not funny Amy… and the ones that find you funny; well I will just refer that one to George Carlin’s rant about stupidity!

It’s hilarious how the weak minded left in this country are so easily influenced by the stench resonating from the leftist media when really all they’re getting is about an eighth of the story. Look into it, take your head out of the social media fishbowl for a minute and put your brain to work. Quit being gullible, and drop the $15.00 per hour job from an Economic Terrorist called George Soros! There are jobs out there. Furthermore, if you like the rotten stench resonating from the media, just take a dump and a couple of minutes later stick your nose back inside the commode. You’ll get the same sensation, or maybe engulfing paralyzing stench of wrong media is your safe place!

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