Hey Hollywood….

Natalie Maines sure received her fair share of backlash from her comments about Bush Invading IRAQ, and within months, the group’s phenomenal success came crashing down.  I’m sure the two sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire who started the group, certainly didn’t appreciate it and is probably feeling it. Well maybe not.  They haven’t put an album out since 2006.  Any-who, some of Hollywood’s boastful have said they will leave the country if Trump wins… well; he’s won once, twice and now three times,.  It’s interesting to note none of them have left. Hey Toby Keith can we get a song about the whining crybabies this would be Yuuuge!

I think the Americans in this country should give the few Hollywood boastful a little taste of humility for bad mouthing our next President Donald J Trump.  I got news for you Hollywood despite what you may think, Killary aka Hillary didn’t win the Popular Vote! Take the 3,000,000 illegal votes negate it form her total count.. She lost! Question, Can an American Citizen face exile from the United States?  Flash in the pan actresses like Neve Campbell, who?  Neve who?  Neve produced nothing has threatened to return to Canada, “Ewwww big loss there”!  Would someone tell Miley Cyrus to put some damn clothes on. Nobody, I mean nobody wants to see your poorly shaped body, or see you on “The Voice” you will never be a Christina Aguilera, give it up! “There’s always Hooters!”  Whoopi, Whoopi Do! Whoopi Goldberg nobody cares about your view.  Rosie O’Donnell with your razor sharp teeth and your “Hell Razor Look” Canada called, I got some bad news.. “They don’t want you!” When is the last time you saw Barbara Streisand do anything complain through her nasal cavity.  What about Amy Schumer AKA Ms. Doubt without the fire” Has anyone seen the movie “Train wreck”, it was a train wreck alright! She won’t be getting any awards for that one.  About a hussy who can’t keep her legs shut, not mention her zest for banging a so called 15-year-old.  Funniest part of the movie happened when John Cena came walking out of the bathroom with a towel hanging from his Johnson.  Talk about giving the hot teachers who like to fornicate with their students light at the end of the tunnel. That sheds light on garbage Hollywood likes to put out!

What annoys many Americans is these actors and actresses make millions. What do they have they got to complain about!  They probably do not hold any political affiliation.  Hillary calls them up says “Would you say something on my behalf?”  “Oh, here is couple $100,000.00 dollars for your trouble.  Take Jennifer Lopez as an example and I am not saying she did but her little “Introducing the next President of the United States  … Hillaryyyy Clinnnton!” Makes me think she did she is a Celebrity, that’s her job, which is what she does for a living.  Oh, by the way how did that work out Hillary I mean Killary? I think Brad Paisley put it best in his song Celebrity

Was it just a stunt to get exposure?  Well maybe but telling people you will leave the country, is just UN-American!  Yes you have fans. Yes you might put out a good movie every now and then.  Please Quentin Jerome Tarantino, please stop putting Samuel L Jackson in the movies. Let him go back to “What’s in your Wallet”.  His latest “The Hateful Eight. Sorry hateful alright, boring, tedious and boring! Did I say boring!

Hollywood Stars can complain, and they have the right to do so just like every American. However, stars don’t have the right to use the podium they have been given for fake antics, bribed temper tantrums, and acting out. Personally speaking, the Garbage Hollywood puts out today; I’m surprised anyone goes to the movies.  Besides who goes to the fucking movies anyway, you can download a movie off the internet for free, yes free! I’m not saying I do it, and that goes for music as well MILEY! Quit running your mouths, make movies and shut up before the entire North American Customer base shuts you down. Listen to Mark Wahlberg because if you don’t … you are going to see fewer people in the theaters.  Just ask Natalie Maines what it was like to lose, you bunch of big mouths.  You can always turn to CNN for a job, they are always looking for hokey commentators, and the boastful Hollywood types will fit right in with their fake opinions and self-righteous rants.  In my worst James Earl Jones Voice I leave you with this “Boycott CNN!”




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