Embrace The Outsider

For Centuries the push and pull battle between Republicans and Democrats has been raging over control of Washington and most powerful country in the world.  In a like manner, they jockey back and forth, impeach each other, threaten each other and attempt to outmaneuver each other, cheat until one party concedes, Meanwhile, how the winning  party gets into office is cloaked by policy changes with no intention of improving the way of life for Americans.  In light of what we are taught from the first day of school has no relevance or bearing on their end goal. A system supposedly designed to promote fairness and equality for all US Citizens is just a cover.  Equally important each American should believe in Liberty and Freedom, and we are taught the norm of voting for the party that would support policy to make the most significant change.

Republicans and the Democrats use deception to give us some semblance they are fighting for us.  However, their means to an end has not changed, and the end goal remains constant.  All things considered the constant once shrouded in secrecy by the elitists and the five predominant money holders are openly talking about it.  George Soros, an economic threat to our way of life, has publicly expressed his desire to have the US report to a One World Government.  Given the above points along comes an Outsider, Donald Trump, an underdog who everyone thought would wash out by the first NRC appearance.  Nobody wants him neither the Democrats nor the Republicans and for a good reason.

Let’s use an example and consider the Shia and the Sunnis, two card-carrying Islamic factions who are bucking for control over the fantasy of an Islamic controlled world.   The Glue known as Saddam Hussien put into power by US Government held these radical Islamic extremists in check.  He was removed by one of the Elitist families referred to as the Bushs. All things considered, his primary purpose was to control the Shia and Sunnis, and for years he accomplished that goal.  What happened when George Bush Jr. invaded Irag and removed the glue, the Sunnis, and Shia combined forces are known as ISIS to fight the outsider or the Infidel.  By the same token, the same can be said about the Democrats and Republicans.

It’s no secret the Republicans and the Democrats are two different sides to the same coin that believe in the same religion.  That religion is the New World Order. Donald Trump is considered the Outsider, who believes that their agendas have been working against the American people our prosperity and sovereignty.   The thought of an Outsider like Trump it is unthinkable and threat to their dreams, their wealth, and power.   Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying “Donald Trump could neither be bought nor influenced.

Donald Trump isn’t a politician or considered an elitist.  He’s considered an outsider, seen as an infidel and found to be a nationalist. He is already wealthy, has more money than the elitists themselves so he can’t be bribed.  You can’t blame an American for wanting to protect Americans it’s as clear as Apple Pie and the American dream.  He is talking about protecting our borders and building a wall if necessary.  Equally important stop illegal immigration and refugees.  Last but not least stop the Islamists who wish to destroy us from entering our country.  Not to mention restore our military might and greatness. Coupled with restoring our economic engine by bringing back corporations, by training Americans and stop the outsourcing of our jobs, which I might add has been reduced, diminished and surrendered.    He is committed to restoring our long-standing commitment and tradition.  Additional get people off of federal subsidies and into the job market by providing the training they need.  As well as restore the Judeo-Christian Heritage and respect our constitutional freedoms.  In light of all this, deal firmly with those undesirables who hate us and stop giving billions of taxpayer dollars to countries who don’t deserve it.

Donald Trump scares the living hell out of them because he threatens to expose or even exterminate the corrupt lie and Foundation of both the Democratic and Republican parties.  Furthermore, Liberal media and socialist movement entitlement crowd and the racist groups such as BlackLivesMatter and the Islamists, the Globalists, Chinese those who hate Christians or who want our borders open.  Why do they hate him….. because he believes in  America!!

-The American

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